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Codex Delphi Expert

Codex :

  • Is an expert that can be installed into the Delphi IDE
  • Helps boost your productivity
  • Installs under the Tools menu
  • Is completely free
  • Has an installer that can be obtained from the KastriFree project
  • Supports Delphi 10.1 Berlin and Delphi Tokyo 10.2

Codex functions:


The global options for Codex can be managed by clicking Tools|Codex|Options:

Available options are:

  • Load last opened project – opens the project that was loaded last, prior to shutting down the Delphi IDE
  • Show Favorites menu – Inserts a menu item in the File menu in Delphi called Favorites, and populates with the Favorite Files items managed with GExperts
  • Delete .stat files – deletes .stat files generated by the IDE (at present, this function could be more reliable than it is)
  • Adjust Project Options dialog size – automatically adjusts the height of the Project Options dialog, based on the available screen area

IDE Options shortcuts

Codex has menu items that provide shortcuts (including keyboard shortcuts) to pages in the Delphi IDE Options dialog, namely:

Image Assets

The Image Assets menu item enables when a project is opened in the IDE. It helps manage icons/splash screen images in the project options for mobile applications. Invoking Image Assets presents this dialog:

Image Assets uses the directory of the current project, and searches for images that match the sizes for the icon/splash images required for mobile apps. If the “Include subdirs..” checkbox is checked, it will also search in subdirectories. The path edit box or ellipsis button can be used to select a different directory.

The image assets required for mobile projects is listed on the left hand side, whilst the matching images that have been found are listed on the right. Clicking Apply will apply the images found to the project options of the current project. If the “Remove existing entries..” checkbox is checked, any existing entries (such as the default FMX entries) will be replaced with the found images.

Favorites Menu

If the “Show Favorites” global option is enabled, and there are Favorite Files configured using GExperts, Codex will insert a “Favorites” menu in the File menu:

The top item in the “Regular” submenu example above is a special case, which is a reference to a folder. Files that are added to GExperts’ Favorite Files entries that end in .fav will be treated as being a favorite for the folder in which the file is contained, e.g:

Clicking a favorite entry in the Favorites menu that represents a folder, will present a open file dialog for that folder.

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